The Long Tail of UK Tech Meetups

A colourful and simple bar chart to show the number of meet-ups in the UK that focus on technology, design and business to find out which group has the most attendees and what subjects make for the most amount of meet-ups.

The Long Tail of UK Tech Meetups by Dave Bowker

An overview of the UK Tech Meetups piece with space for editorial copy left blank.

176 recorded tech-based meet-ups in the UK, with 7,635 recorded total attendees.

The data for this project was scraped from meet-ups which had an online presence with registered members, and meet-ups which were not listed on the meet-up services site were not taken into consideration for this graphic.

It was determined that the volume of groups and attendees by location was to be considered lesser to each meet-up groups subject matter and popularity. This was because larger cities with a greater population density, such as London, would have shown an aggregate of larger attendees and more groups than any other location.

In order to showcase which groups were most popular among attendees, regardless of their geographical location, a simple bar chart was used with most popular groups running from the left to the least popular groups on the right. Each meet-up is colour coded per subject, and place names are noted underneath each bar. This way you can garner that the ‘Cambridge University Entrepreneurs’ group is by far the most popular meet-up group with around 2000 registered members, that ‘Londroid’ is the most popular group focusing on mobile technologies and that the ‘Geek and Tech’ category is the most popular subject for meet-ups.

The Long Tail of UK Tech Meetups Detail by Dave Bowker

An enlarged view showing some of the detail of the graphic

An iPad version of this graphic was also created, and is much easier to read for digital devices.

Interactive Map

To accompany the print graphic, and for the iPad and Wired UK website, I used the Google Maps API to build an interactive version using the same data. This version pinpoints the locations of the meet-ups with accompanying description, number of attendees, website address and twitter username. The interactive version is much easier to see the data and explore what meet-ups are happening where.

The Long Tail of UK Tech Meetups Interactive by Dave Bowker

Click to view the interactive website

The accompanying article was written by Georgina Voss and was published in the October, 2011 edition of Wired UK.

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