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The newly re-launched Search Engine Watch runs on version 2.0 of the Ultra Knowledge Content Marketing Hub, and with a feature rich and easy to use layout it’s easy to see how it smashed all previous records.

In May, 2011, Search Engine Watch (SEW) adopted the Ultra Knowledge (UKn) Content Marketing Hub in preference to using their existing CMS for delivering the front-end reading experience. As Creative Lead for UKn it was my job to develop the site structure, pages and features that enabled its hugely successful relaunch.

Search Engine Watch Front-Page by Dave Bowker

The masthead and top of the site shows how the categories match the colours on the SEW branding.

Feeds from the SEW CMS were processed and categorised into 10 main categories. Each of these main categories has its own index page, each article is tracked based on page views and social reach, and each category pushes out its content automatically through Twitter, Facebook and traditional RSS.

Search Engine Watch Category Index by Dave Bowker

The category index pages on SEW allow an introduction to the section, localised social following profiles and sponsorship opportunities.

Search and topic pages for SEW are automatically created using the most up-to-date content being written. When an author publishes a new piece of content the back-end platform automatically categorises it, tags it and either assigns it to existing relevant topic pages or creates them.

Search Engine Watch Topic Page by Dave Bowker

The topic pages on SEW are automatically built, meaning more pages are indexed into search engines without manual intervention. Frequently updated content on that topic helps to rank the page as a good source of information.

A lot of the pages and features on SEW are as standard a part of the Content Marketing Hub platform. Pages like the NewsWall which allows users to browse content visually and the A-to-Z which is a complete index of all topics on the site automatically built and updated based on the content of the articles.

Search Engine Watch NewsWall and A-to-Z by Dave Bowker

Some of the default features of the Content Marketing Hub being used on the SEW site include the NewsWall and the A-to-Z automated indexer.

The day-to-day operations of the site are handled by Rebecca Holz of Incisive Media, and maintenance on the platform and new features are developed by the team at UKn.

Dave Bowker Signature

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