Quote Relish

An experiment in redefining the way we consume news by ranking and sorting content based on who said what, and how many news sites and portals used that persons quotes when writing the article.

Quote Relish was a project aimed at demonstrating some of Ultra Knowledge’s news aggregation technology, and how it can be manipulated to display content in more creative and engaging ways. With this demo we chose to focus on people, what they said and how many sources quoted them. That way we could order the news by who was the most talked about person on the day and highlight the subject they were associated with by the text of their quote.

Note: The following screenshots are unfortunately rough Photoshop mockups with dummy headlines and placeholder text, not indicative of the final quality.

Quote Relish Home Page by Dave Bowker

Quote Relish home page with a focus on just how many quotes our system can handle

The design had to be simple and striking as it was pitched as a straightforward site people visit daily for just a few minutes to see who’s being talked about in the news and why. Elements were big and bold, and we tried to leave out as much ephemera you usually find with news websites as we could.

Quote Relish Quote Page by Dave Bowker

The individual quote page, showing where the quote has been published as well as more quotes by the author.

Quote Relish Person Profile Page by Dave Bowker

For each author their was an individual page, with the most popular quotes of that author, the latest quotes and a biography of the person to offer some context to the quotes.

Quote Relish was live for around 18 months, and was eventually taken down as what we considered groundbreaking when it launched became a standard feature rolled into the Ultra Knowledge Content Marketing Suite.

Dave Bowker Signature

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