News and Blog Relish

Real-time news and blog aggregation websites built under the Ultra Knowledge brand of Relish Networks as a demo to showcase features of its content marketing technology.

News Relish and Blog Relish were built under the in-house brand of Relish Networks, and both used the same design template for efficiency with not much more than a logo and colour change to make a distinction between them. Their functionality was to aggregate content from hundreds of reputable news sources and dynamically push stories to the front page in real-time.

Note: The following screenshots are unfortunately rough Photoshop mockups with dummy headlines and placeholder text, not indicative of the final quality.

News Relish by Dave Bowker

A simple real-time news website with ‘hot’ articles incoming at the top, and ‘cold’ older articles leaving at the bottom.

Both sites had categorisation and search functionality enabling users to filter and search the real-time web.

Blog Relish by Dave Bowker

The exact same layout and functionality as News Relish except in a different colour.

Dave Bowker Signature

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