International Tech Travellers

Wired Magazine, UK, were looking to explore the travel schedules of 6 notable tech evangelists who travel the globe for business and pleasure, meeting and advising a variety of companies with their expertise.

The data supplied by Wired documented the date, duration and travel destination for each traveller over a period of about 18 months from early 2009 to mid 2010.

International Tech Travellers by Dave Bowker

The original layout of the world travellers info-graphic before the Wired editorial team positioned some elements to fit within their page design.

With the travellers visiting so many destinations, a lot of them multiple times for a series of short and long stays, the goal of the graphic was to focus more on where was visited the most, by who and for how long. Places that are most popular among all the travellers, such as New York or San Francisco, are visualised with stacked and colour coded tabs with a total day count within each tab. Where the proximity of destinations are compact, they are grouped within a circle and place names are arranged clockwise alphabetically.

International Tech Travellers Legend by Dave Bowker

Detail of the key, colours and facts about the travellers and their destinations

Internation Tech Travellers Detail by Dave Bowker

Close up detail of Europe showing the destinations visited, and their proximity to one another. The UK is very popular among the travellers.

International Tech Travellers in Wired Magazine by Dave Bowker

The graphic as it appeared in the magazine. Photo by Richard Moross, one of the travellers in the visualisation

The accompanying article was written by Daniel Nye-Griffiths and was published in the October, 2010 edition of Wired UK.

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