Fusely is a simple to use platform for creating dynamic topic-based micro-sites from social media content. It’s a great way to offer an audience one place to experience the latest and best of what your community has to offer.

Built primarily for brands, campaigns, and event organisers to capture the online conversation around a specific event and house it in one place for their audience to engage with. Frequently online comment and reaction can quickly get buried under the volume of it all, but Fusely helps to surface these user interactions and promote the most popular across a variety of media.

Fringe Festival Fusely by Dave Bowker

This is the basic fusely design style for any site. Colours, fonts and a logo can be changed per setup.

The base theme for Fusely is fully responsive with adaptions for mobile and tablet devices, as well as having the ability to be quickly customised for multiple clients through a range of pre-defined variables.

Fusely Responsive Layout by Dave Bowker

Fusely is fully responsive, adapting to any screen size and working on all mobile and tablet devices.

Fusely combines all types of media in one place and allows that media to be shown in-site, meaning you’ll never lose your user to a 3rd party site to view external content.

TechCrunch Fusely Video Player by Dave Bowker

Play videos within the site with an ajax loaded modal window.

TechCrunch Branded Fusely by Dave Bowker

An example of a branded Fusely page with content from the TechCrunch Disrupt conference

The site is built on the Bootstrap framework, using LESS CSS for dynamic styling and easy customisation. There are optionally 15 different box module templates built in to Fusely depending on the content, and all can be customised together or independently through a LESS variable file.

Dave Bowker Signature

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