TechCrunch Fusely Video Player by Dave Bowker


Fusely is a simple to use platform for creating dynamic topic-based micro-sites from social media content. It’s a great way to offer an audience one place to experience the latest and best of what your community has to offer.

AllPopNews and Deriva Branding by Dave Bowker

AllPopNews & Deriva

AllPopNews takes the most popular posted articles from some of the most trafficked sites on the web and ranks the results based on an algorithm that looks at how much it was shared across various social media platforms over time.

Seventh Social Logo by Dave Bowker

Seventh Social

A minimalist logo and website design for this fledgling company specializing in audience research and attainment via various social media channels.

Search Engine Watch Front-Page by Dave Bowker

Search Engine Watch

The newly re-launched Search Engine Watch runs on version 2.0 of the Ultra Knowledge Content Marketing Hub, and with a feature rich and easy to use layout it’s easy to see how it smashed all previous records.

News Relish by Dave Bowker

News and Blog Relish

Real-time news and blog aggregation websites built under the Ultra Knowledge brand of Relish Networks as a demo to showcase features of the content marketing technology.

Quote Relish Person Profile Page by Dave Bowker

Quote Relish

An experiment in redefining the way we consume news by ranking and sorting content based on who said what, and how many news sites and portals used that persons quotes when writing the article.