Follow The Leader by Dave Bowker

Follow The Leader

This is the map of international diplomacy according to Twitter, showing who follows who amongst all of the worlds leaders who have an account registered on Twitter.

England Vs Usa O2 SMS Activity by Dave Bowker

World Cup 2010 O2 SMS Activity

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa, a series of visualisations were created using O2 SMS activity data in the UK showing network activity fluctuations during the England matches.

International Tech Travellers by Dave Bowker

International Tech Travellers

A visualisation exploring the travel habits of 6 notable tech evangelists who travel the globe for business and pleasure.

One Week of The Guardian - Wednesday by Dave Bowker

One Week Of The Guardian

A series of experiments exploring how The Guardian newspapers can be visualised in order to artistically show the content of a newspaper in more engaging and attractive ways.