AllPopNews & Deriva

AllPopNews takes the most popular posted articles from some of the most trafficked sites on the web and ranks the results based on an algorithm that looks at how much it was shared across various social media platforms over time.

Another project built to showcase some of the Ultra Knowledge content aggregation technology, AllPopNews and Deriva are two websites built using more or less the same theme but with content from two different languages – English and Norwegian. The technology powering the sites is language independent, can be set to run autonomously and updates in near real-time to always have the most recently shared news.

Note: During the week when these screenshots were taken Ultra Knowledge were transitioning servers to cloud storage and not all processes were running, specifically with this project those that update the social ranking numbers.

AllPopNews and Deriva Branding by Dave Bowker

The branding for these sites would only ever be used online and aimed to be fresh looking with a dynamic feel.

Deriva by Dave Bowker

The front-page of Deriva, a site which shows the most up to date shared news in Norway.

The technology behind the site allows articles to be automatically assigned a category based on their content.

AllPopNews Technology Category by Dave Bowker

The technology category page for AllPopNews.

Deriva Kultur Category Page by Dave Bowker

The Kultur (translates as Culture) page for Deriva. All categories are colour coded and have their own social media profiles so users can subscribe to just what they’re interested in.

The technology behind these sites also ranks the contributing sources, and tracks the change of articles that have made it into the top lists through the ranking algorithm. You can explore how the articles change week by week and see what types of articles are trending.

AllPopNews Top Source List by Dave Bowker

Ranking the top contributing sources, and tracking their change over time and total social score.

Dave Bowker Signature

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